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    I ordered a vegetarian dish this evening. I ordered pick up because I live a 25 minute drive away. There are tons of closer Chinese locations but I chose Jean's because I heard they have good food. Anyway, after a 50 minute round trip, I got back to find meat in my dish which I can't eat because I'm a vegetarian. We phoned in and they said I could come pick up another dish and give me a discount for my next order... so now I'm out 50 more minutes worth of gas driving to rectify their mistake, was refused a refund, and they also refused to deliver Yes I'm 25 minutes away, but they do deliver within 10 minutes away, so why they can't go the extra mile to make up for this is beyond me. The whole experience for me was awful. The service was awful. I will not be returning to redeem that discount because it would be spending even more money on terrible service.
    By Jennie Carver, July 06, 2017
  • Such a nice group of people there. I only wish I had asked for a name so I could inform their boss. My husband and I purchased a half wine kit from somewhere else, and popped in here to get some yeast. The man so helpful! Even though our kit wasn't theirs, we weren't purchasing one, and it was close to closing he still took the time to answer our questions, show us the process, and give us some words of encouragement. This is the standard of customer service that all businesses should be scrambling to catch up too. With all the rude, unprofessional, and disinterested service representatives out there, it was refreshing to come across this crew.
    By Hollyann King, July 06, 2017
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    The price of a shawarma today at Alexandra's was 11.15 +tax. I was pretty surprised so asked if this was a mistake, and was told no. I thought, well, this should be one amazing shawarma, since it's 1.5x the price of one of Ray's fine, fine shawarmas. Nope. Worst I've ever had. No choice of ingredients - only chicken, lettuce, and tomato, and a bland garlic sauce. Less than remarkable at a ridiculous price. What are they thinking?
    By Paul McCarroll, July 06, 2017

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